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While trying to arrange for finance, either on the basis of your existing property or for acquiring new property, it's more than likely that you will encounter difficulties along the way. Papers are in perfect order. You are in a position to meet all requirements laid down by the financier. Yet, the process drags, leaving you wondering whether it is going to come through at all. We know that it could be a frustrating experience. We also know how satisfactory solutions can be found without much trouble and anxiety.

Key Management Services - Sensible approach for sure solutions

The first thing that we focussed on when we launched our operations in 2002 was to get the approach right. We recognized that it was not enough to know what our customer's expectations are. It was necessary to know how to fulfil them. The destination and the route are equally important. Our approach, therefore, involves a complete understanding of your financial need, and a thorough and intelligent exploration of options to meet that need. Needless to say, we have over the years built up a fund of knowledge and expertise as we have interacted with customers and financial institutions and brought them together to form mutually rewarding relationships.

Key Management Services - Building reputation and reliability through performance

Developing rapport with banks and financial institutions and getting to know our customers and their needs better are continuous processes. We are constantly in touch with the banks to remain up to date with ways and means by which we can serve our customers better and more efficiently. With our perseverance and commitment, we have delivered solutions even to those customers who had practically given up all hope.

Key Management Services - Dealing with leading institutions

As Direct Selling Associates, we have been working with:


ICICI, HDFC, SCB, Kotak, and Axis


ICICI Home Finance, Indiabulls Financial Services, Indiabulls Housing Finance, Cholamandalam DBS, Citi Financials, Bajaj Auto Finance, Tata Capital, Reliance Capital and Religare

Key Management Services - Fulfilling your financial needs

Whether you mean to raise finance through your own property or you need finance to own a property, come to us with confidence. We shall do everything it takes to reach you to your destination. Most important, we promise you that the journey will be smooth and pleasant, free of uncertainty and doubt.

Key Management Services - Catering to a variety of verticals

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we have over the years arranged finance for diverse verticals - manufacturing, service, healthcare, shipping and retail. We believe in offering personalized consulting and advice as we recognize that the needs of every customer are different and unique.

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